We Stock...

Architectural and Decorative Paint

Interior and Exterior

Maryborough Paint Centre stock an outstanding collection of architectural

and decorative paints, which are ideal for interior and exterior house

painting. We have primers, sealers, topcoats...everything you need to

put colour in your life.

Timber Coatings and Stains

Maryborough Paint Centre stocks a full range of timber coatings and stains,

perfect for all sorts of projects including furniture restoration and other

timber painting projects such as painting a deck.

If you need to coat, finish, seal, protect, stain or beautify timber or wood,

then we have the right product for you.

Floors and Decks

Your floor sets the foundation for your room or space so it needs to be

good-looking, practical and durable.

You'll be floored by the range of floor coatings at Maryborough Paint Centre.

Whether you've just laid a new floor or are restoring an existing one,

we have a product to get you started immediately.

Our range of floor coatings include epoxy paint, concrete floor paint,

decking paint and decking oils.

Industrial and Farm Machinery Paint

If you're looking for industrial or farm machinery paint in Maryborough,

you'll find a great range at Maryborough Paint Centre.

From light coatings to commercial systems, our range of industrial

and farm machinery paint products is certain

to include the product you need for your project.

Our range of industrial paint includes:


Quick dry enamels

Epoxy paints


Automotive Paint

Our extensive range of automotive paints ensures you have the best quality

product, whether you’re touching-up, "pimping your ride" or doing a full car

paint job. Our automotive paints are sourced from the industry’s top

suppliers so you can buy with confidence.

We stock:

Automotive Acrylic

Automotive Enamel

2 Pack Paints

Clear over base Paints


Primers....and much more

We also stock an extensive range of accessories, spray guns and all the

extras you’ll need to get your car looking like new.

Need advice? Well, with a combined 28 years experience, Troy and Deanne

are willing to guide you through the whole process, just come in and see us.

Painting Accessories

A successful painting project needs more than just quality paint supplies.

At Maryborough Paint Centre we carry an extraordinary range of

painting accessories, including

Brushes and Rollers

Roller tray kits

Spray Guns



Buff pads

Sanding Discs

...and much more

Whether you need interior or exterior paint for commerical or

residential buildings, automotive paint for a new car or an old classic, the

expert team at Maryborough Paint Centre can help you find the best

paint and accessories for your needs.

Simply contact us and our experienced, friendly staff will guide you

on the best tools and accessories for your project.

At Maryborough Paint Centre, advice and product knowledge is all part

of the service.